Elegant Industrial Design for Manufacturing

Non-Disclosure Agreements signed if required
Initial project review meeting
Prepare and present Project Proposal including:
        Required input information
        Terms and conditions

Design Foundation

CAD model input data, organize layout
Project review to confirm input-based CAD model
Include human factors
Integrate features and structures
Establish constraints, parameters, and form-factors

Preliminary mechanical design

Establish primary structures
Establish general enclosure volumes
Develop part mates
Establish optimal parting lines for manufacturing
Introduce fastening and assembly methods

Industrial design

Explore styling concepts supporting the mechanical design
Create different variations of the styling concepts
Include logos and branding in styling concepts
Computer render photo real images of concepts
Project review meeting
Update concepts per review feedback
Project review to obtain final styling concept

Final mechanical engineering

Update CAD layout to include final styling concept details
Integrate and simplify part features
Optimize parts for Design for Manufacturing
Check CAD layout for accuracy and completeness
Produce orthographic production part drawings
Provide part CAD data files for production use
Produce assembly drawings and Bills of Materials
Assist in prototype procurement
Check prototype parts for form, fit, and function